Sunday, December 4, 2016

Making Violence Obsolete #101: Re-Routing Subtle Violence

The members of New Horizons newly formed Making Violence Obsolete “Experiment” want you to know what Lesson One brought us as we took the opportunity in the midst of our “lesson plan” to re-route subtle violence.

By the time we had finished a long day of seminar, work projects at our Harpers Ferry Retreat Center (the last minute arranged location of yesterday’s training), potluck dinner and lots of leisurely hanging out – WOW!

We got to AWE!! Amazing!

Here is our summary of how we did it!

Lesson Theme: "Traveling With Us" took an unexpected turn that led us to “teachable moments” on one of our main “experiment” principles -- 

Subtle violence is not so subtle… when you’re the target! 

As a working experimental community, we learned a lot by digging deeply into the mechanism called “discounting,” that lies behind “subtle violence.”

Understanding and applying workable solutions to these counterproductive concepts, in action, rapidly moved us to the fore, yesterday, of New Horizons unique small “zones of peace” approach to Making Violence Obsolete. 

You can do it too, if you hold that charity (i.e. practicing even “subtle non-violence”) begins at home!

We will show you how! 

So what do these terms, “subtle violence” and “discounting,” mean? 

Discounting defined: Discounting means to, generally without awareness, minimize or ignore data that that has to do with an individual, a situation or the solving of a problem.

Subtle violence defined here:

As a team we got stuck for awhile midway through our initial “Lesson One Theme: Traveling With Us.” But that simply took our developing counterculture community immediately and spontaneously to the next higher level.  

WOW! It was gorgeous!

Consequences of our snag/stuckness: Polarization, briefly

Characteristics of our polarization:
  • Defensiveness on the part of certain members;
  • Emotional barriers;
  • Communication Breakdown;
We got unstuck through applying the principles of ---

1. Dialogue versus debate
2. Various potions applied from the Wise Woman’s Tool Box, guided by Anastasia (me).
Wise Woman's Tool Box

And ended up, by re-routing subtle violence, in awe!  


If you are inclined, try us, you’ll love us (or soon learn to)!

You’ve got to live it to IT to truly know IT

IT = how New Horizons travels to AWE!

Next Making Violence Obsolete Experiment training date:

Making Violence Obsolete #101

Workshop Lesson #2: Introducing the Bus Ride Story Adventure

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Location: Frederick Friends Meeting House
Frederick, Maryland

See basic details here for participation.

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