Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Draining The Swamp: How We Do It At New Horizons

Wondering how New Horizons is going to carry out its mission?

See this post for an update on this project.

(The magic of our approach is that it is multi-tiered, meaning that it is a bottom up rather than top down method that aims to impact all levels of systemic functioning. This means we pay attention to the “swamp” closest in to us as well that way beyond our capacity to affect it directlyHow this systemic tactic can carry influence on all levels requires close examination. We will be taking this exploration on as we develop and expand our mission.)

Our basic formula is simple; commit to doing more and more of the good things to do and less and less of the not so good. How to apply it, in real time, is hard; so hard that only the truly committed and resilient person can even attempt it.

Here are a few of the personal character attributes needed -- 
  1. Commitment to living by high-minded human principles;
  2. Character traits of integrity, straightforwardness, being without hidden agendas, honesty, an unrelenting openness to learning and more;
  3. A belief in the great potential for human advancement;
Here is a sample of what our formula entails.
  1. Commitment to a “what to do” program (See this link. Also see this link for a whole, wide-range of articles on the "what to do" track.).  Each and every day, doing the best you can to develop these human attributes to their capacity that are typically undeveloped;
  2. Commitment to a “what not to do” program (see this link) Each and every day, taking a daily inventory of how you have done that day for #1 and #2;
  3. Meeting, preferably weekly, or at least monthly, with a group of similarly committed individuals in a group setting for the purposes of supporting one another. (This step includes giving honest, sometimes uncomfortable feedback on each person’s progress while maintaining a caring, safe environment.);
  4. Commitment to personally ascending as high as you are capable of doing. (See Murat’s Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Universal Science of Awe, Books I and II for an in depth discussion and guidance on this topic.)
Number three, immediately above, is almost going in the direction of New Horizons “Draining The Swamp GAME” which takes much preparation and practices to gain eligibility into. Will you be ready?

More on this later.

Since yesterday’s announcement of our GAME, we have already started taking applications for our "Draining The Swamp GAME" which you will, most likely, want to play. And we will tell you how and where as this new project unfolds and develops. Will you be ready?

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