Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What’s Next At New Horizons? We’re Gonna Pay Attention To The Flowers In Our Backyard, Even The Droopy Ones.

If Coffee House Conversations and our two movements, Making Violence Obsolete and Overcoming Polarization, are not now going to be particularly active, which there are no plans for them to be, presently. And, if I, Anastasia, am going to be concentrating more and more on developing and speaking my “truth to power” message, i.e. transforming the dark side in society and politics, what’s to be next around here?

This is how it goes!

I/we predict, that given our present political climate and social upheaval, New Horizons is, now, going to be focusing on how you can, from the position of the personal, so entwined with the political, build up the networks in your own backyard, enriching your relationships, through this time of upheaval, with family, friends, neighbors and your local community.

I just recently discovered that trees have underground networks with other trees and woodsy growing things. Now I am looking at my trees in a whole new way. They not only have millions of leaves that I can see. They also have, possibly millions, of relationships I can’t see.

We Americans could use a bit of enlightenment like I just had about my trees. 

People are so internet and media bound they are not paying adequate attention to the networks surrounding them.

What if I ignored the trees surrounding me on all sides of my home? If I did, I’d being disregarding one of the greatest sources of my well-being. Trees and other living things up here in our mountains filter out pollutants and bring other important essentials into our local ecosystem and thus our daily life. While we might explore this subject more another time, I think you get my drift.

Some of the most widely successful people nurture their advancements by having caring, close, personal networks, fostering relationships by creating ample face time that these might grow and flourish, like a summer garden bouquet. 

I did a very rewarding radio show on Anastasia The Storyteller, titled “More "Instead of Swamp Draining: "Why I Am Sooo Sorry – And – So Grateful, Part I” in which focused on how I have been, personally, working to maintain my important bonds, in this time of turmoil, with people of diverse political and other types of opinions from me.  

Check it out! I hope it will inspire you to take some, close up, bridge building steps.

Of course, dialogue versus debate and leaning in are fundamental principles here, once again.

It’s still not all easy, for sure! But well worth the effort, in the long run.

So look to this blog site in the days, weeks and months ahead to be offering you tips on bridge building up close, with people you already know and those you are about to discover.

Bridge building does not need to span the globe, the nation or even a distance such as our Beloved Chesapeake Bay Bridge. 

Bridge building is coming you can do each and every day, even with strangers or near strangers. And, it is one of the most important – and – close at hand things you can do to help yourself, others and our very divided nation through these challenging times.

Now may not be the best time to be thinking globally and/or nationally, beyond staying informed and updated. Now just might be an ideal time to act locally! 

There is so much that needs to be done in your own backyard, your neighborhood and your community. New Horizons is going to continue being here to help you with this.

For example, soon I will be broadcasting "Instead of Swamp Draining: "Why I Am Sooo Sorry – And – So Grateful, Part II.”  In this broadcast, I will be sharing a story of how I am handling the worst, volatile polarization I have ever come up against in my family or anytime with friends that is as a result of our present political situation.

Look for my scheduling of that broadcast soon. 

And plan to join me on that broadcast, if you can, to share your thoughts and ideas on how you are presently overcoming the polarization in your “backyard” these days.

Give yourself a break. Cross small bodies of divide!
Save the large spans for another time.

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