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In the meantime, as this page comes more and more alive, here is a beautiful story on podcast about my father and how he modeled the qualities of exceptional leadership for me.)

Leadership Is A Lifestyle!

April 17, 2016 (Scroll down for earlier posts)

Jack and I (Anastasia have been focusing attention for the past month or so on what we, at New Horizons, call Rabbi "Ed Friendman's Three Pronged Formula For Exceptional Leadership."  Links to some of our discussions and comments can be easily located here, The Current Presidential Election Campaign Crisis

In summary "The Three Pronged Formula For Exceptional Leadership is --
  1. Defining oneself and one's values by standing in your truth and acting accordingly;
  2. Investing in connections with others. Or as we have titled this, "Leaning In."
  3. Maintaining a non-anxious or non-reactive presence.
Donald Trump is an example of what not to do for #3. Not that other presidential campaigners are too much better!  But that's politics for you!

Action Steps

  1. Ask yourself and reflect on the question to what extent do I model the above three qualities in my day-to-day activities?
  2. Rate yourself weak or strong on each of them.
  3. Read Ed Friedman's A Failure Of Nerve: Leadership In The Age of The Quick Fix for deeper insight on this theme.
  4. Then reflect what you have read and ask yourself the above questions again.
  5. Begin a new journal for yourself to keep track of your reflections, growth and development on becoming more and more of an "exceptional leader."
  6. Keep reading our blogs and listening to our radio shows for guidelines on your adventure.
April 1, 2016
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At New Horizons we believe Exceptional Leadership is a lifestyle, not merely a role!

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