Monday, April 18, 2016

The Current Presidential Election Campaign Crisis --

--- has prompted a shift in priorities at New Horizons.

Add to this the innumerable changes presently going on behind the scenes at New Horizons, the arrival of warmer weather which brings with it our Summer In The Mountains community building days and changes ahead in the format of our radio show programs – surprises and more surprises are ahead here in the days to come.

The bottom line issue, as discussed on our last show, The Gifts Of Collaboration, The Costs Of Opposition and introduced in the first of our three March programs (see links below) on leadership is this 

A main philosophy at New Horizons regarding leadership is that leadership is a lifestyle, having certain special qualities, if it is to be successful, not simply something for Heads of State or corporate CEOs. Leadership is a responsibility for all mature adults. Not allowing this reality into your consciousness and taking up the obligations entailed is a cop out or, as my friend Rabbi Edwin Friedman, discussing the subject of leadership suggested; a failure of nerve!

Check out Ed’s book, A Failure Of Nerve: Leadership In The Age of The Quick Fix, for a in depth discussion on the subject. 

If you are appalled as many of us are that a man such as Donald Trump can garner as much support as he has and wreak as much havoc on day-to-day life in America as he does, now is the time for YOU, personally, to start paying more and more attention to your own adult responsibilities. 

Maybe it’s Hillary or Bernie you don’t like, the same advice follows. Personally I don't like anything on this menu. But, unfortunately this is all that's being served. Howevet, if you think YOU can do nothing in the face of so few choices and find the selection to be inept or disappointing presidential possibilities, think again.

Many of us, including New Horizons, boosted by its Board of Directors, including myself and thousands upon thousands of other grassroots organizations, nationally and world-wide have emerged in recent years, energizing themselves to take personal responsibility where we/they have felt discouraged by the efforts and actions of high level leaders, including our current president.

New Horizons is going to keep pushing this theme –

Leadership Is A Lifestyle!
Note, October 15, 2016, from New Horizons Board of Directors
"In no way do we believe that anyone who does not meet these criteria for leadership should be our elected president. We do not support or condone any outrageous desecration of the fundamentals that represent America, as we know and love it!"

"So get on board with YOUR responsibilities! As far as the coming election is concerned, check out both your heart and your head when you step into the voting booth in November."

Also keep listening to the messages we are sending out to you on our Possible Society In Motion Radio Shows and reading our blog posts for suggestions and encouragement. We are here to guide you, if you need/like. And – get yourself in the "Good Guys GAME," the game of doing the next right thing as they say in AA; taking mature adult responsibility for the kind of life and world you want to be living in.

For starters, here are two links for you to check in on --
  1. Essentials of Exceptional Leadership; and 
  2. Last month’s three Possible Society In Motion Radio Shows as listed below.

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