Friday, July 16, 2010

The Treasure Hunt: In Search Of "Awe"

If you’ve been reading my blog postings, you might, by now, be attempting to figure out how "we" do it?

How, precisely, does the Small “Zones Of Peace” Project work to build small zones of peace, thinking globally, acting locally?

Taking that question a step further, how do we create -- actually -- co-create “awe”?

We have been known to do exactly that!

I promise you, however, you will not easily be able to “nail” it down. "Awe" is a mystery.

And, one you have the capacity to help co-create. I promise you that too!

This blog and “Anastasia The Storyteller” are filled with clues that help explain our methodology.

If you read them -- more than that -- study them, they will help you begin putting together the pieces of a puzzle.

A definitive formula is embedded in the puzzle, when revealed by these pieces being linked together has - and can continue - to inspire and save lives!

The picture that will show up is the sum total - and more - of the various articles and their significance that have already been written and posted on these two blogs.

The clues to how the Small "Zones Of Peace" Project model works to help co-create "awe" are lurking everywhere on the two blogs.

They are the key elements that merge together to make our program work!

The trick is, however, that not only do you need to find the clues and fit them together into some kind of pattern in your own mind, but then we need to talk!  Create meaningful dialogue.

Our process cannot work without that. At least not very far.

The Small “Zones of Peace” Project is powerful!

It is profound! It can co-create magic, wonder and awe with “exceptional leaders.”

If you fancy yourself one of these, see what you can figure out and write me.

Let's talk about it.

We need to talk -- and -- take the necessary, next steps on our peace-building journey as soon as we can.

Time is of the essence!

Below are listed some of the key background stories that depict the success of our model.

You will find ongoing stories about these on our various blogs.

Look for clues in the labels section on our Home Page.

They will be the clues we offer you to begin building your small "zones of peace."

See if you can fit them together with what you know inside yourself and "see" around you.

If you are able to "see" what I "see," you on your way to being an "exceptional leader" who is able to help foster "exceptional communities."

Exceptional leaders help pave the way to making "violence obsolete" -- someday!

Someday will surely come -- someday -- whether you are ready for it or not.

Do what you can to help it be the "someday" you would like there to be.

Here are some clues with which you can begin.

Read and re-read the following articles. And, think things through that are suggested in them.
  1. "The Middle East Crisis In My Backyard"
  2. Articles on "identity" on Anastasia The Storyteller
  3. Articles and links about Murat Yagan
Then ask yourself, "What is Anastasia saying here?
And, why does she think this stuff is so very important?"

These are your clues for now.

There will be more.

You will have to pay careful attention, if you want to solve the mystery, the mystery of how to build small zones of peace -- and -- create "awe" in your life.

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