Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Had No Idea

More on our Climbing The Mountain Of Awe Game.

It’s a challenging process, this new GAME of our’s.

Only for the most dedicated peace-builders.

We have to concentrate on the intent; reaching the peak, collectively, of an experience of awe.

  • Win-win;
  • Synergy;
  • Thinking outside of the box on social action options.
I’ve been living the GAME as a lifestyle for close to thirty-five years.

So the methodology comes naturally to me. That is why I feel competent to offer myself as a guide for this climb.

Lorrie, my honorary daughter, has been living that climb, too, for more than a decade and a half.

For Sue and our other beginners at “playing the game”, it offers a new language and approach to collective peace-building.

So do you know what happened?

Of course, you don’t!

I discovered that I need to start pulling my three unpublished manuscripts out of the old storage chest as guidebooks.

Interesting, eh?

Even in not-final editing form, these three books (in progress, a very long time) explain in detail with, cutting edge perspectives, how you can, also, make the ascent.

Snake bite protection plans, the most special feature!

(Remember snake bite protection from early on when I was first telling you about preparing to climb the Mountain Of Awe?)

Information is now online on how to purchase a copy of your own signed, limited edition of the first of my three unpublished manuscripts:

On The Origins And Cure of Adrenalin Addictions

I had no idea people would be needing a copy of my guidebooks for themselves, At least not so soon.

How silly of me, especially with the caliber and the experience of climbers my leaders team have.

What fun lies ahead.

(Information on and the foundation quiz from book #3, “Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure Of A Lifetime,” can also be found online.)

Let’s see what will happen next as we climb our Mountain of Awe.

GAME #3. Thursday, April 14.

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