Monday, March 19, 2012

Abkhazian Dinner Event In Motion: Behind The Scenes #2

Sue says she’s “vibrating.” Immersing herself for most of the entire past weekend doing her New Horizons Curriculum Development work for the coming Abkhazian Dinner, she sent me this note this morning in an email.

Sue says she's
"vibrating" today.
“I am positively vibrating with ... let's see what... anticipation, fullness, hope, awe, ... yes also a touch of fear... did I leave out something important? Can this be good enough?” 
Sue deVeer, March 19, 2012.

Oh, my. Oh, my. Did Sue ever take herself to the edge of “curriculum development” this time! Oh, my. Oh, my. She dug in to everything she had at hand to come up with a wonderfully edited interpretation of Murat’s famous “bus ride story” as he presents it in his monograph, “Building Up A Kebzeh Community.” This story is to be our Abkhazian Dinner event’s feature. Then she expanded beyond Murat’s story to create a delicious, specially designed for our Abkhazian Dinner “conversation guideline.”

Well, I tell you I was wowed by what she had done!

I hope lots of people come out for our event, on behalf of the Season For Non-Violence.

They will be in for a bit of on the spot transforming or I will eat my words instead of our traditional Abkhazian Dinner foods.

Yum. Yum.
Reservations still open.

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