Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Careful Observation

If you missed our Abkhazian Dinner event, look forward to an online version of our labyrinth-like bus ride story and its interactive adventure soon. The Bus Ride story of our dinner is based on our edited version of Murat's original Bus Ride story. Or plan to be there for the next Abkhazian Dinner event. The best is yet to come.

The following will be pertinent for Abkhazian Dinner attendees. 

Note: If you did not attend the event, you can play our game by reading our edited version of the story and getting your friends to participate with you. And, also, by staying in touch with me (Anastasia) by posting comments. Please send your comments to me for posting, if you have trouble doing posting directly. We are having technical difficulties in this area and are trying to correct them.

As Murat stresses in his “Bus Ride” story, the speaker’s formula for a social game can take any group to “awe.”

The bottom line requirement for this attainment is this: whoever signs on for the ride must adhere to a daily self-assessment of the following questions and related observations in order to reach this peak. This, careful observation, is one of the essential first steps that is necessary for personal and social transformation.

Our Bus Ride Story
Abkhazian Dinner Event
March 25, 2012
1. Did I give myself to full participation on the imaginary bus ride story of the Abkhazian Dinner event as storyteller, Sue deVeer, recounted it?

2. Was I able to do my part to engender a general sense of overall well-being in my Bus Ride discussion group as a result of:

a. Reflecting on Murat’s Bus Ride story (our edited version) and/or

b. My innate ability to be loving and to apply clarity and commitment to all my relations in a manner that spontaneously led this group (as well as any other group within which I participate) to seem, albeit briefly, like a community?

What are my strengths that help generate a group vibration of well-being and peace?

3. If my behavior did not help to engender this overall vibration of peace and well-being in my discussion group, ask yourself, what are my weaknesses that interfered with this end?

a. Who/what around me in my small group, bus ride experience seemed to be difficult for me to be with in “awe”?

b.  How could I have augmented my strengths or improved upon my weaknesses to help raise up this situation or “difficult” person?

Use the linked assessment, also offered on page 4 of your Abkhazian Dinner event handout, to guide your inventory.

More to come as our labyrinth-like Bus Ride story discussion/journey continues.

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