Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tell Me A Story

Next stops (or is that steps?)
for "Bus Ride" stories.

Storytelling As A Path To Peace:

Bus Ride Story Online Interactive

5 peace action steps you can take right now. 

1. Pledge to:

Share our online bus ride story with, at least one other person, over coffee, by email, in person, by phone, in a gathering of friends etc. within 24 hours.

2. Follow your pledge up by telling a story of your own creation to, at least, one other person within 24 hours (instructions are below).

3. Invite, at least, one other person, to read our online bus ride story and tell you a story back.

4. Then answer the questions that follow your "imagining" and the responses it evokes in you (and the others).

To start your imaginiong and your follow up conversation.

a. Imagine yourself on a bus trip full of strangers, as discribed on Murat's Bus Ride Story,. Then tell your own story about what our story (posted online at this link) makes you hope, feel or think.

b. Do you think that the way people treat each other on a daily basis can make a difference in solving the current problems of our nation?

Why? How? Or, why not?

5. If you follow our conversation guidelines with serious intent, storytelling as a path to peace should be your next easy step. 

Done with zest, you will run out of time, way before you run out of stories.

Good luck.

Let us know how your imaginings and conversations turn out.

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