Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Thing We Discovered

The mission of the Possible Human, Possible Society Study is, amongst other things, a treasure hunt. Though I didn’t think this when I originally designed the format, this is truly where the study has led us. One cannot ask, sometimes intimate, questions of others and not find treasure. This is where the seeking can lead.

We asked and we found some well-spoken values that, to us, seem to represent the most likely pathways for best possible humans on the road to the best possible society. Of course, as our Abkhazian Dinner brought us to note, we entered the arena of our study process with a few biases of our own. Such are the limitations of humans on the journey of, collectively, being human.

We hope you will forgive us our imperfections and find in our discoveries, albeit they still are somewhat minimal, with only (approximately) seventy interviewees, thus far out of an intended four hundred. Nonetheless, today we offer a selection of responses from the following Possible Human, Possible Society Study question offered below.

(Soon to follow: What responses to this question showed us about the main types of citizen attitudes from our collective possible society in motion project, at this time from a small cross section of study participants.)

Note: Anonymous quotes below are from the type we have identified as “actively engaged participants.” From this type, several of our study participants have been selected by New Horizons Board of Directors to be profiled in coming months as (“Real Deal’) Peace Buddies. Look for the first of this feature by the end of September.

Possible Human, Possible Society interview question re: “Role of U.S.A. citizens”

What in your view should be the primary roles and responsibilities of U.S. citizens in running this county?

Jim French: “Participation, voting, contributing thoughts, engaging with fellow citizens in conversant ways that encourage fruitful dialogue and expansive thinking.”

Anonymous 2, pending permission to attribute quote: “Participation such as attending town meetings, listening carefully to others, having exposure to multiple cultures, exercising voting rights.”

Anonymous 3, pending permission to attribute quote: “Participate, communicate, pay attention and grow up to the responsibilities of being an actively, engaged citizen of this democracy!”

Question: Do these views represent your own? Not only the talking, but, indeed, also the walking? Please let us know with your comments, agreeing or disagreeing or??

We, at New Horizons, hadn’t yet put our own biases into words until our Abkhazian Dinner “Turning Point,” but they did turn out to include that we are --

“… about ideas put into action by how one handles oneself day by day, instance by instance that presents itself as teachable moments.”

Ah, the treasures of our teachable moments! Always they are teaching us, anew, and “turning” us to spiral upwards to the next higher level of ascending the evolutionary planes of growth, even in times of an ouch.

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