Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Study Participants to be featured radio show guests

Storytelling as a path to peace showed up right away in the earliest days of our study, now in its sixteenth month (with approximately one hundred participants on board).
Last year we were reporting how the data from the study would be used. (Until the information gathering for the study is completed, December 31, 2015.)

We were telling you, then, that, over time, hopefully, our study would evolve into being a respected resource, offering important insights as to how the American public might overcome areas of disruptive polarization in our society.  
"An enemy is someone
whose story you have
 not yet heard."
That is already happening; a totally delicious phenomenon!

At the onset we were intent on gathering data that could be used for:
  • Published reports;
  • Fruitful discussions;
  • Consciousness-raising commentary;
  • Fresh ideas for community-unity building actions.
All of the above, if not yet completely visible,  are faithfully in motion.

This is why we have started speaking of our Possible Human, Possible Society Study project as our “Possible Society In Motion” project. Yum yum, especially in these turbulent times when it seems, sometimes, so much is disturbing.
But cultural upheaval, for all its chaos, may not be terminal as the doomsday sayers suggest. It may, in fact, be, quite the opposite; our pathway to higher consciousness, personal and social transformation. If we can just hang on and make the most of our opportunities.

As it has turned out, the most inspiring and vibrant of our study experiences have come about as a result of the richness of the storytelling that has emerged out of our interviews.

Before long, therefore, it came to be clear, as the study has progressed, that bringing these stories – and the storytellers -- behind our American experience, forming the current core values of our citizens, needed to be shared.

So -- recently we announced that --

The Possible Society In
Motion Show
Thursday evenings, 6:30 p.m.
Our new Possible Society In Motion Show, with the addition of Jack Slattery to assist me (Anastasia), is now building momentum, as lively discussion between the two of us (Anastasia and Jack) develops our episode topics. All of which are tied to our show’s overarching theme, overcoming the polarization of our country.

Now, look for Possible Human, Possible Society Study participants to be invited guests on the show, beginning with our first guest, clinical psychologist and documentary film maker, Dr. Robert Brink on April 25.

The focus of this episode will be:
“Polarization: essential tensions in conflict and cooperation.”

Please join us as stories from our study’s participating storytellers aid our cultural advancements with our new Possible Society In Motion Radio Show.
* Look for study-related topics on this show and for more and more of our study participants to be invited guests and panelists, as this show becomes an on-air community forum.

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