Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Announcing: Mountain of Awe Guided-Climbing Tours

Turn your ideal into the real with -- a New Horizons’ Awe GAME guided adventure tour!
Destination: The Peak of The Mountain of Awe

Tour guides: Anastasia and Sue (with almost one hundred years, combined tour guide experience.)

Travel details: Lisa (Public announcements, Rules of the GAME , etc.)

Guidebooks: Courtesy of Murat Yagan and Anastasia Rosen-Jones

(Check out Murat’s “Seven Ways to Knowledge” and Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Universal Science of Awe, Volume II. Also, Anastasia’s excerpts from Surviving Addictions and Exploring Your Dark Side: The Adventure of a Lifetime.)

Responsibility of guides: “Show and Tell” and teaching the “doing” skills needed for trekking up the mountain. Read about "tell," "show" and "do" here.

Group Transportation Vehicle: Bus Ride Story Adventure

Special group tours, private accommodations and transportation available.

Coming Departure Dates: (Spring – Fall, 2014 (tours, now being arranged.)

Details and Reservations

(Alternate departure dates, travel arrangements, special group tours, accommodations, equipment needed etc.)

Contact: New Horizons

We want to travel with you!

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