Friday, March 7, 2014

Report Cards In The Mail

For Possible Human, Possible Society Study Participants

Report cards now being processed and mailed throughout 2014!
Report Cards In
The Mail!

How did you rate? In terms of the following three assessment indicators we are presently employing?
 (Check out these assessment indicators to see how your own evaluation corresponds with ours when your personalized “report card” arrives.)

About Possible Human, Possible Society Study Report Cards.
New Horizons has now begun a lengthy and involved process that will enable us to provide personalized feedback to participants to indicate how the individuals’ responses correspond to our collective data, thus far.

Our Interpretation Method uses a one to ten scoring process, applied to a, somewhat, tongue-in-cheek report card, scoring system.  If you are already a participant, we hope you will find your individualized “report card” of value.

Should you wish to participate in the study, but have not yet, please contact me, Anastasia at: or by cell: 240.409.5347. To participate, you must meet the eligibility requirement of living within the one-hundred mile radius of the Washington, D.C. White House.

Look for your report card via snail mail. Given the demands necessitated  by as major an endeavor as this; personalized “report cards” for over one hundred people, now participating in our study, expect to wait as long as until the end of 2014 to receive yours.

Should you wish us to expedite our feedback report to you, please contact me, Anastasia at: or by cell: 240.409.5347 to request your “report card” and assist our updating of data as it relates to you.

This will definitely give your personalized “report card” a priority position in our assessment process.

We look forward to providing this interpretation from the information you so generously provided us. And, offering you the opportunity to examine our estimation of your study responses, up against the whole of the data we have collected to date.

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