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Possible Society in Motion Project Suggests Potential for Reversible U.S. Trends

Press Release
Contact: Anastasia Rosen-Jones
Phone: (240)409.5347 
     October 25, 2013
Possible Society in Motion Project Suggests Potential for Reversible U.S. Trends
The Possible Society in Motion Project, today, disclosed preliminary findings from its four year, in-depth study. The study was created to assess the values, attitudes and activities of individuals in the evolving social and political climate of the U.S.A. Launched January 1, 2012, the study is due for data collection wrap up December 31, 2015. (Extended to December 31, 2016.)
The study has identified the following five U.S. trends thus far:
1.   Better than 90% of interviewees have no significant relationships beyond their like-minded groups.
2.   Better than 90% of interviewees are unmotivated to interact with others beyond these groups.
3.   Better than 70% of those interviewed spend more than two hours per day as arm chair coaches, reading about, listening to, contemplating and criticizing our national leaders.
4.   Better than 70% of those interviewed believe they are powerless or lack the skills or other resources to impact our national social and political crises. (Upgraded to 90% per Anastasia, June, 2014.)
5.   Better than 65% of those interviewed believe that internet conversations can affect national politics though they are uncertain as to how.
These trends could be reversed by the simplest, most direct efforts. How citizens “elect” to treat one another, personally, is the key issue here,” states Anastasia Rosen-Jones, lead researcher of the study. Based on these findings, New Horizons Support Network, Inc., sponsors of the Possible Society in Motion Project, will next seek to investigate how citizens perceive that they might take steps to alter personal, daily patterns to counter those that separate citizens rather than unify them.
Anastasia Rosen-Jones, New Horizons’ Executive Director, the stepdaughter of a Holocaust survivor, stated, “I am continually aware that my “mom” survived the Holocaust because ordinary people acted in remarkable ways during tragic times. If lives were saved out of the Holocaust by ordinary people doing extraordinary things, we ought to be able to do even more, in the U.S.A. To our way of thinking, at New Horizons, even this one example, of a personal nature, is illustrative that if people choose to give conscientious consideration, even to unknown others, we can be the change we are after, without making it all about our elected officials.”

In light of these preliminary findings, New Horizons and the Possible Society in Motion Project are asking citizens to consider offsetting the dysfunction of our elected leaders. The key action of New Horizons’ Possible Society in Motion Project is to encourage people to “lean in” to others with a central question that asks:
What is the one something you can do today on a grassroots level to make a difference in your neighborhood or elsewhere on your local level?
To participate in the study or find out details and information about it, please visit the New Horizons Small “Zones of Peace” Project blog site: Also tune in to New Horizons’ Possible Society in Motion Radio Show:

Ms. Rosen-Jones can be reached at: 240.409.5347 or


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