Friday, August 26, 2011

Like A Fast Moving Hurricane

Possible Human, Possible Society Study Update.

As the interviews of our new Possible Human, Possible Society Study progress, only three weeks into the project, for me it almost seems as though I am witnessing the conscious evolution of unity in motion in our area of the U.S..

Not only is the study creating conversations every which way within the one hundred mile radius of the White House as intended, but it is also tying the threads of our magnificient package together, picking up speed quickly like a fast moving hurricane.

Keep stopping by for reports. We will keep you posted as much and as quickly as we can. Which may, given current weather conditions, seem like a snail's pace reporting of fast moving energies behind the scenes.

However, be assured that that which may seem invisible to your physical eyes is, truly visible, if you look high enough and far enough.

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