Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We Are Gathering

I find the pausing, preceding the gathering of whatever is needing to be drawn together, as the next appropriate step, to have different feeling tones, related to certain variances.
For example, gathering the array of clothes, books and whatnots Sue and I needed to do to leave September Island, the Canadian wooded lake retreat of her family, was somewhat challenging, especially as we had no electricity on the island with which to see our way into various nooks and crannies.

Gathering our overnight and daytime clothes to leave the motel where we spent our next night after leaving the island, heading back home, had plenty of light and no lingering attachments like the family members left behind on the island.

That gathering accompanied our being particularly glad to get back on the road. (I was, especially, at this point, happy to be able to wash my hair and fluff it a bit with my hair dryer, an amenity I had forfeited for the island vacation.)

Then there was the gathering of our travel bags to carry them out of the car and trunk onto my personal receiving platform, the kitchen floor, when we were, at last, back home. Relief and a good long stretch!

As that collection dwindles down to a tiny little spot, I find myself almost at a loss as to how, now, to gather the threads I left behind of New Horizons and weave them into the updated me.

Even a week plus a few days on an island, with or without electricity, does, of course, bring some new aspects of oneself (and others) into play.  And, these, by their very relevance must somehow be gathered into that which was left behind, if one is to be completely whole, of one harmonious, integrated piece.

Thus here I sit in contemplation; happy to be home, once more, back at my desk and not quite certain what next for me to do; my immediate task -- gather the elements that make up New Horizons and its various initiatives and bundle them together for our next movements forward. But how and what I should do next I am not quite certain about, based on this new updated version of me.

For starters -- in the course of gathering “old” New Horizons together for its revitalization – and – growing into what we have become today, we have, certainly, put ourselves, both personally and professionally, on the line to be examples of “walking the walk.”  And, then, there is, also, the part about me, executive director and founder (i.e. birther of this baby), still being more than a bit like Humpty Dumpty who had a great fall.

So I sit here, wondering; how are we, now, to go about that; being our best possible individuals and a non-profit organization intent on aiding a possible society in motion to fulfill its potential, as best we/it can?
Have you any ideas of what you would most like to see from us? 

We would welcome your help in lighting our path to answer the question of how we, now, best move forward from here to there.

Here are the threads we have gathered, thus far of what we have presently in motion –
More to come, now that we are returned from vacation.

Share your thoughts, ideas and input on how we can all work together to get from “here to there” by joining Jack Slattery, my co-host, and I tomorrow evening for further contemplation on this theme and on-air discussion.
Thursday, August 15,  6:30 p.m. on our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show.

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