Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Are you “really” walking your talk?

Watch for tomorrow’s press release announcement!
"Possible Society in Motion Project Reveals Potential for Reversible U.S. Trends"
Find out how “attitude” scores points as well as “action” with New Horizons!
For starters, though, think of it mathematically.
Ask Anastasia,
Super Sleuth.
  •  If more than 100 people have been interviewed, thus far, through the Possible Society In Motion Project. 
  • And fewer than 10% were found to be actively “walking the walk,” across the board, no holds barred, best possible humans in all they say and do, working to build the best possible society, could you really be one of the “good guys”?
  • Or, are there, perhaps, some flies in your ointment, visible, at least, to the professional, "Super Sleuth" eye?
Check yourself out –
Are you someone who:
  1. believes yourself to be worthwhile;
  2. is committed to treating others with caring and compassion;
  3. is willing to examine and learn from mistakes;
  4. invests in truth and seeks out the higher levels of consciousness;
  5. has the commitment to set achievable goals and the  energy to carry them out;
  6. believes yourself to have an integral place in the universal order;
  7. has faith and trust in a Higher Power?
Or, are you someone who:
  8. hides your true identity;
2.     9. believes others are enemies or that some people are okay and others are not;
10. blames, criticizes  or judges others and/or yourself and/or is an elitist
11. isolates yourself and/or limits your potential;
12. is controlling, resistant and/or defensive to feedback from others;
13. discounts the opinions and emotions of others;
14.  leaves relationships when conflict arises?

Give yourself plus points for items #1 -- #7. Take off points for items #8 -- #14.

Interested in a personal analysis of the significance of your answers as they relate to building the Possible Society In Motion?

Ask Anastasia, Super Sleuth. 

To participate in the study or find out details and information about it, Anastasia can be reached at: 240.409.5347 or

Also tune in to New Horizons’ Possible Society in Motion Radio Show:

Preliminary study findings will be the topic of this Thursday’s show. 

Dial in: Thursday evening, October 24 6:30 p.m. 347.237.5351.

Be a part of the Possible Society In Motion unfolding.

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