Thursday, October 10, 2013

Study is discovering a maturing U.S.A.

Read on, if you are interested in discovering my gist here, based on the community development principles of New Horizons and some of the most recent findings of our Possible Human, Possible Society Study, soon to be posted.
For now, though, the key point I want to make here is this ---

.. if you are in the game of the president (as well as other leaders and celebs) being your Savior (i.e. meaning allowing your beautiful life energies to be focused on  these individuals holding your place, you are, potentially, in the, sometimes deadly, game --

“Of the people (you), by the people (you) and instead of the people (you).”
(Original thinking of my mentor, Martin G. Groder, M.D.)

And, you are, possibly, not really being a fully, living, breathing grown-up, participating in this life you might be calling your own.
So, ask yourself, how much time did you spend today living your life by the internet?
Or, conversely, how much time did you actively spend, today, in being the best possible human, helping to build the best possible society for you and me?
Tricky Dick:
An American Anti-hero
Here’s how it works!
When kids let go of whining and complaining that the grown-ups aren’t accommodating their needs and just don’t understand them, we, typically, say they are, at last, growing up. They are being more realistic, taking responsibility for themselves instead of blaming parents, teachers and other authority figures for their lot in life. Parents hope for this transition, lamenting the converse until the new state emerges.
Though it is not my wont to take much of a superior, super-knowing role, since Watergate I’ve been watching and wondering when Americans, as a group, were going to move themselves, individually and collectively, beyond adolescence.

In other words, when are, we, as citizens, going to grow up? How about now?

Now, mind you, I didn’t know for a long time, almost a decade, what lay behind the problem, as I saw it, that the president of the United States of America could lie to the American people – and – they, at least seemingly, believe him (or at least act like they did).
So I stressed and strained, trying as hard as I could, to understand this that was bothering me for all that time. To add to the burden I, personally, absorbed from my consternation about this one question:
How can the president of the United States of America lie to the American people – and – they believe him?
… another episode, Spiro Agnew’s corruption, which, as chance may be, found its way into my very own living room, due to close association, added another whole layer of dismay. The latter, further prompting me to ponder the problem of big shot, power game players and liars, added to Nixon and Watergate.
Many years have passed since Watergate, Nixon and Agnew. And, I am most comfortably assured, thanks to Marty (and me), that I have all the answers I will ever need for analyzing the problems so painfully part of my maturing.
Many others have, also, been pondering the same puzzlement. And, many have analyzed the problems, as well as offering astute solutions that could/would make a difference, if our politicians and associates cared enough to make the necessary changes.
One solution, above all, however, has topped my “do things differently” list of priorities; the gathering together of local folks to help one another foster our individual and collective maturing, as we develop skill in being the change we are after.  
This is a participatory, hands-on endeavor, folks, requiring face time.
Jack and I will be taking this point up on our Possible Society In Motion Show tonight.

Our topic draws from my last posted article, “Putting First Things First,” built upon one of the most hopeful commentaries I have read in a long time, “Bypass Washington, Save America” by Eric Liu .
Thus, the  answer to my question  “How can the president of the United States of America lie to the American people – and – they believe him?”
… might be phrased this way, folks, if you are not an active part of the solution,
So point your finger back at yourself and take a good luck in the mirror.

YOU are a part of the problem! Grown-ups assist this along.
Our government should be – “Of the people, by the people and for the people.

Jack and I hope you will join us, tonight, on the air and after for our conference call discussion as we take up the topic, “Bypassing Washington, saving America.”

Your president need not be instead of YOU!

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