Thursday, May 16, 2013

Essential tensions in conflict and cooperation

Jack and I had the pleasure of having Dr. Robert Brink with us for our Possible Society In Motion Show on Thursday, April 25 to discuss essential tensions in conflict and cooperation.  I have been moved since, by Bob’s perspectives, to consider possiblities for looking at present social problems in our country from a more scientific perspective.  
Dr. Robert Brink.
Hear our April 25
conversation with him here
Is such an endeavor within the realm of the reasonable? At least as I interpreted that which Bob  was suggesting about the innate electromagnetic force field within which polarization exists at its most fundamental and, likely, profound levels.
In particular Bob’s unique viewpoints have lately provided a window for me through which I have been contemplating, even recent tragic events, with a consideration as to how these  might be viewed in a more scientifc and wholistic way.
Of course, I knew that these perspectivew  were definitely beyond my immediate abilities to fully understand them. Let alone do justice to them with any brief articulation I might do regarding them.  Still I think we were on the threshold of the Tao of Physics, here, with these ideas of Bob’s. And, while I do, experientially, know the “tao” and could almost speak of it, at least in some circles, the physics part is way beyond my lexicon.
In spite of these limitations, the idea that scientific principles might be genuinely acceptable considerations for earth plane problems is no small idea. It has not been far from my mind since this interview. So I have pondered --

·         What difference do scientic ideas such as the fact that opposites attract and like poles repel make anyway, when real life mortals are dying around us in the meantime?
·         What is the yin and the yang of events such as the Boston Marathon Bombings?
·         How can understanding the notions related to electromagnetic fields be useful in assisting the healing of the three abucted and tortured Cleveland women?
No small questions, here, and no simple answers. Still, I am drawn to the reasonableness of my contemplations, fostered by Bob’s inspiring ideas, as I am well aware that it was my ongoing search for  the peak of the Mountain of Awe that brought me through the ordeal of my eight years of blindness and recovery from it.
So what is really going on here that I/we should heed? Or is it that the two realms of existence; the physical and the spiritual, are just simply one, no matter how separate we view and experience them. And, how does knowing this help anything, if it is so?
I present myself, here again, as a student wanting to learn.
Bob’s special interests have taken him into some fascinating areas other than what one might expect of a clinical psychologist. With two award winning documentaries to his credit on alternatives to ordinary solutions, especially in the areas of health and healing I was more than ready to hear what he had to offer us.
I am eager for the opportunity to talk with him again, soon, and learn more from him. I wish this opportunity for you too.

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