Sunday, May 26, 2013

Making Violence Obsolete

The idea is so radical.
Beyond the most absurd notion, slowing down and talking to one another, that Mary Pipher suggests in her book, Writing to change the world, when I heard this from Murat, New Horizons community development mentor I knew that it, even more sweeping in scope, was valid –

Violence could be obsolete, someday, generations from now, if only ---
Seeds have the potential
to come alive.
 The essential ingredients that generate and sustain peace and well-being in individuals, relationships, families and communities can be cultivated. The seeds of this potential exist in all.
If these seeds are nurtured with the proper human nutrients, enduring human structures can be established wherein violence could become obsolete as it would no longer be a necessary, for some, option.

Why are we willing to settle for less?

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