Friday, April 29, 2016

What It Means To Have A Voice

All things being equal, this presidential election cycle’s outsiders, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, have certainly made it boastfully clear that the unheard voices of the so-called silent majority, whoever thay may be, wish to be silent no more. 
There's A 
Cost To The Quiet

However, as the abortive efforts of movements such as Occupy Wall Street have shown, in order to create a sustainable impact a strong enough leader’s voice at the top has been needed to speak out for them up against the 1%; enter Trump and Sanders!

Now "leadership" is what many have gotten through these die-hard wannabe presidential contenders. However as David Brooks writes in an article in today’ New York Times titled “If Not Trump, What?”
Trump’s success grew out of that pain, but he is not the right response to it. The job for the rest of us is to figure out the right response.”
Enter New Horizons’ Coffee House Conversations Project!

Reading through the entirety of David Brooks’ Op Ed I felt like I was reading a content branding statement for what we’ve been doing at New Horizons for years now and the overarching philosophies we hold to that end, building zones of peace wherever we may go. 

Read David Brooks’ article up against our “Lean In Legacy Template,” our "Ten Pledges," and our perspectives on leadership and leadership training. For a more emotionally powered dose of us be sure to listen in to our Possible Society In Motion Radio Show podcasts. 

For example, the one Jack and I did last night titled “What It Means To Have A Voice.”

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And my series on “Conversations with Anastasia on the art of dialogue/conversation,” beginning with the most recent –

Then follow up those listening adventures by making it your business to “lean in” a bit more and more each day! Be a change activist beginning right in your own neighborhood or community. And while you’re at it, let me hear from you too by posting comments to my articles or writing me directly at  Let’s make talking to others beyond our ordinary comfort zones a habit!

There’s a “cost to the quiet” and there’s also a cost to the wrong kind of voice! Learn to be the right kind; the kind that help us build that Possible Society In Motion!

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